Women’s Events

Join us for an upcoming event! Every six weeks SOFIA sponsors a Women’s Event which is open to anyone who wants to gain complimentary access to our women’s curriculum. Join us any one of these evenings to be inspired to tap your potential as a woman leader and to network with other women looking to do the same.

A Celebration of Feminine Power

Join Dr. Judith Wright, the Women of SOFIA, and the participants of the Woman’s Essential Experience for an inspiring discussion on how we collectively are developing our feminine power both as individuals and as part of an active female community dedicated to creating positive change in our lives and the world.

When: Tuesday, May 26
8:15 pm- 9:30 pm CST

Event will be a webinar

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Power of Authenticity

Power is not something you have, it is something you are. Learn how to unleash the power of authenticity in this dynamic talk.

  • Discover how being more real gets you better results in your career and your life
  • Create strong personal and professional relationships by boosting your emotional intelligence
  • Be real at work and win the respect of your colleagues

When: Thursday, May 21
8:15 pm- 9:30 pm CST

Wright Foundation
445 E. Ohio St. Suite 360
Chicago, IL

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In-Depth Training

If you are interested in more in-depth training, the first step is to develop yourself more fully as a person. A powerful introductory experience to any training at the Wright Foundation is the MORE LIfe training, an overview and introduction to the Year of MORE program.